Any unit in Multiverse War can evolve and grow in power if you use it wisely.

             Gain valuable experience each time you win a battle.

              Units unlock their special abilities after first kill, and after that they gain all kinds of bonuses.
              Heroes start with 8 or 10 skill points (depending which type of game you play). You invest those skill points into action points, health or                            hero abilities. Each action point or health point cost 1 skill point, each ability you take costs 2 skill points.
             So if you start with 8 skill points, you can configure your hero to start with 3 health, 3 action points and 1 activity.
             It can also be 4 health, 4 action points but no abilities.
             For each new level with a hero, you need that amount of kills to reach it. So for level 3 you need 3 kills. For level 4 you need 4 kills.
             Each time you gain a hero level, you get 2 extra skill points to attribute. You can further invest them in stats or stronger abilities.


             In this example Shield Maiden unlocks Spear Throw after gaining 1 experience, then gains an extra health and extra health and action                                point upon reaching the elite rank.



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