Terrain affects visibility so all ranged combat, movement, combat bonuses. With random world generation, no two games will ever be the same.

Any unit adjacent to an unexplored territory can explore that territory by spending one action point. Each territory is rotated and endless shapes can be made for literally any game. You can determine with the map setup if you prefer a shorter or a longer game, safer or more aggressive game...for any number of players.
As you explore the new world, you will have the opportunity to enter adventures. Adventures have the potential to give you extra gold, valuable experience or start various permanent events. 
This elements of randomness create an opportunity for players to test different strategies and adapt as they explore the world. They cannot really pick their strategy and stick to it. Their strategy will evolve as the game advances, as each player will try to derail other player's plans.
You can see the map exploration in the example bellow.                            


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