2-3 hours                 2-4 players                ages 14+   

Multiverse War is a blend of 4X, MOBA like heroes, area control block wargame. Key elements are RPG style character progression for heroes, armies gain battle experience and become stronger, unique heroes and different faction, modular map and random encounters. All these factors give high replayability. Never underestimate Heroes. They are special units with increased Health, Action points and many unique and powerful abilities. Veteran heroes are formidable opponents, a strong hero can easily sway the odds in your favor!


Modular game board:
Each module is a “Territory” you can explore.
The terrain will determine your expansion and development strategy. Each unit has strength and weaknesses, apart from the rock/paper/scissors system unit’s strength is determined by the terrain. That ensures unlimited replayability.
Multiverse War is best play with 2 players or as a 2v2 team battle but some people might enjoy our free for all modes. So far we tried around 20 different map configurations, feel free to experiment!

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