Rock, paper, scissors, Spock: 
Battle initiative (who hits first in combat):
In Multiverse War attacker always has the battle initiative, hence hits first in combat. The defender will retaliate only if he survives the attacker's first blow. UNLESS the attacker is attacking a unit which COUNTERS him. In that case the countering unit gains the battle initiative and hits him first.

Siege weapons don’t counter any unit and they retaliate only to attacks from other siege weapons and garrisoned buildings like Guard Towers or Fortress. They have increased range and do extra damage to buildings/cities though.

The icon in the top right corner represents the unit class.

Unit classes and their strengths and weaknesses:

  1.  Siege Weapons - Great for attacking buildings or other Siege Weapons. Stronger when shooting from a building or a hill. Keep out of enemy sight!
  2.  Ranged Infantry Keep them in rough terrain. Strongest when attacking from hills or buildings but very weak if in grasslands or left unguarded.
  3.  Melee Specialist Vulnerable in grassland, not effective attacking up the hill. Great in melee combat, best for attacking forests or buildings.
  4.  Anti Cavalry Great for blocking enemy cavalry charges, decent in attacking forests or buildings but countered hard by ranged or melee specialists.
  5.  Cavalry Great for shock attacks and countering ranged units. Not effective in forest combat or building attacks but good for everything else.

All essential information accessible all the time:
Even though all this info is available on the quick reference sheet, we still created a deck of very informative cards so you don’t have a need to consult the game rules in case you can't remember what certain units or buildings do and you want to have it all in great detail.









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