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by Jasen Lakic
Multiverse War is an area control/character progression/wargame where players recruit armies, explore the new lands and battle for better strategic positions to secure more space for development.
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About Multiverse

  • A Long Term Project
  • Our Goal
  • Tournaments
As the first edition is reaching it’s completion, we are already working on possible new, completely asymmetric, factions and different, exciting worlds. Will it be a world of magic, brute force, humans, machines or something else entirely? Even we don’t know yet and we might ask our community for an inspiration;).
Our goal is a creation of strong, friendly but competitive community and we will give our best to create a wonderful, balanced game with unlimited replayability!
We will do our best to support the community custom content but the tournaments will be played only with officially accepted expansions/factions or new worlds. (which doesn’t mean a community created content will not be accepted as “balanced expansion”)
  • Game Rules - Tourney +

    Game Rules - Tourney Tourney Rules (PDF) First tourneys will be held in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp, since we are Belgium based. Read More
  • Beautiful Art +

    Even though nothing here is a finished product yet, you can see that our artist is doing an amazing job. We could easily hang many of Stanislav’s illustrations in a living room! :-)
  • Modular Game Board +

    Each module is a “Territory” you can explore. The terrain will determine your expansion and development strategy. Each unit has strength and weaknesses, apart from the rock/paper/scissors system unit’s strength is determined by the terrain. That ensures unlimited replayability.
  • Best play with 2 players or as a 2v2 +

    Multiverse War is best play with 2 players or as a 2v2 team battle but some people might enjoy our free for all modes.
  • Special Units and Buildings +

    The only way to advance through the eras is by killing enemy units or destroying buildings so players must do their best to outmaneuver their opponents and earn those valuable kills. You gain access to more powerful units and buildings by making kills with those units but do not underestimate Heroes. They are special units with increased Health, Action points and many unique and powerful abilities. Veteran heroes are formidable opponents, a strong hero can easily sway the odds in your favor!
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Why buy Multiverse War?

Simple to setup, easy to learn the rules, yet incredibly deep gameplay. Modular map, asymmetric heroes and combat tactics give you unlimited replayability. The game has 2 mods, a wargame and an epic empire builder mod. There are 6 paths to victory! We offer a long term support for the community and ability to easily replace/customize any component. Combine all that with a very accessible price and you get Multiverse War :-)

Age Restriction

We are confident that bright 10-year-olds can already enjoy our "Beginner" game mode, while "Veteran" mode is for players who already have some experience with this type of games or they already played our Beginner mode. Finally, "expert" game mode is for those who like brain burners and enjoy longer games with many challenges.

Game Community

We are here to stay, we are working hard to create everything for strong and vibrant game community. From game design choices to the creation of forum, Facebook group and Discord channel, we will create the game and the tools BUT WE STILL NEED YOU! Join us and help us build something great!

Simple Rules - Elegant Design

Our games are like 2+2 - short, clear and concise. And that is how we aim to design our rulebooks, yet without losing depth and replayability.

Fast game setup

Go ahead, start your stopwatch and set it up. If it takes you longer than 5 min I will jump off the cliff...just kidding, no cliffs in Belgium. :)

Work in progress

Multiverse War is finally finished, just waiting for some icons, card templates and 2 illustrations! We have a few more designs in development though, no rest for the wicked!

Rich theme

Our rich world totally blends in perfectly with various game mechanisms. Want to be the ambitious Governor exploring the world beyond the Stone Portal in the name of the Emperor? Or a powerful hero participating in competition with his war band? Or maybe you want to build a base and conquer the opponent with the help of natural forces like elementals, golems and such? Step forth and choose your destiny!

Contact us

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