Jasen LFC

Jasen LFC

Crazy busy period! We actually decided to postpone the Kickstarter launch due to reviewer videos still not ready. Good news is that the postponing of our crowdfunding campaign actually allows us to better prepare all files and improve on everything.

For example just 3 weeks ago we added a new victory condition (Emperor's secret orders). We weren't sure if we should include it in the game because we wanted to be sure it's properly tested against other victory conditions already present.
Friday, 26 April 2019 11:51

D-Day minus 11 - 2 rulesets!

Feeling really good today! I created a starter scenario for Multiverse War long time ago. It was the perfect way to introduce the new players to the game by playing literally after 5 minutes.
Few weeks ago I had a good friend play the game for a first time and, since he has no experience in playing board games nor similar video games, he said he felt overwhelmed by tactical choices and different unit strengths and weakness.
Saturday, 20 April 2019 16:40

D-Day minus 16 and we push on!

Prototypes sent to reviewers, big shoutout to Undead Viking and Player's Aid (two channels we enjoy very much) for taking on Multiverse War for review/playthrough videos. Overall interaction with content creators was great, we just wish we could have made more prototypes for them. Special tiles, army, hero & buildings illustrations are complete, Stanislav & Maciej did an amazing job! We are now finishing the encounter and combat card layouts and some small game icons. There are also few clues about the expansion in the art, like this armored rhino for example ;)