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D-Day minus 11 - 2 rulesets! Featured

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Feeling really good today! I created a starter scenario for Multiverse War long time ago. It was the perfect way to introduce the new players to the game by playing literally after 5 minutes.
Few weeks ago I had a good friend play the game for a first time and, since he has no experience in playing board games nor similar video games, he said he felt overwhelmed by tactical choices and different unit strengths and weakness.
I thought about it for several days non-stop. From the beginning this game was designed with idea of bringing new players and younger generations to deeper tactical games/wargaming, so naturally when he told me that I obsessed about it...in my eyes it was a failure on my part.

Three days later I had a ruleset in place and tested it with some guys, the reaction was more than positive. I refined it a bit and integrated it in the starting game scenario, the result is amazing!

Can't wait to test it with my friend again and hear his feedback, how different will it feel now.

So the decision has been made, we will be putting 2 booklets in the box, Novice ruleset (PDF) and Veteran ruleset (PDF). You can check them both out here at our site and thank Jeremy aka the noob for it! :)
We also received the back for our encounter cards, which you can see here, and one version for the front. The back totally follows the storyline so we loooooove it! Still working on the front side.

Jasen Lakic
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