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D-Day minus 16 and we push on! Featured

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Prototypes sent to reviewers, big shoutout to Undead Viking and Player's Aid (two channels we enjoy very much) for taking on Multiverse War for review/playthrough videos. Overall interaction with content creators was great, we just wish we could have made more prototypes for them. Special tiles, army, hero & buildings illustrations are complete, Stanislav & Maciej did an amazing job! We are now finishing the encounter and combat card layouts and some small game icons. There are also few clues about the expansion in the art, like this armored rhino for example ;)

Kickstarter campaign page soon done, we still need to make that kickass video and some gameplay GIFs though and that is no small task. I go between super excited and happy to very anxious and fearful. It doesn't help that I had serious health issues over the last 3 months and my shoulder is in such a mess I cannot even craft anything for prototypes, that doesn't help much. Also it is our first KS campaign, I invested so much in the game over the past two years but I haven't done so much marketing. My hope is people will recognize what a serious and well done project this is. One comforting thing is seeing the huge difference between feedback over the last 4 months and the playtesters feedback from a year ago. That gives me so much energy and motivation. Thanks to my life partner, friends, family & partners for helping so much along the way. Thanks also to the amazing people from the board game industry and community which helped me learn and inspired me to become better, share more and contribute.

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