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Kickstarter delayed, improvements are made! Featured

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Crazy busy period! We actually decided to postpone the Kickstarter launch due to reviewer videos still not ready. Good news is that the postponing of our crowdfunding campaign actually allows us to better prepare all files and improve on everything.

For example just 3 weeks ago we added a new victory condition (Emperor's secret orders). We weren't sure if we should include it in the game because we wanted to be sure it's properly tested against other victory conditions already present.
In response to adding a victory condition, we have also transformed one old victory condition from "sure end game condition" into "increases your chance to win highly but is infinitely more fun"!
The old victory condition was with hero, before once you reached level 6 with your hero you would win the game. Now upon reaching level 6 your hero is transformed by the Stone Portal power again into a very demi god and gains an extremely powerful ability which will be able to turn any game around but it will not guarantee your victory. The other players will still be able to fulfill their conditions.

So why is it more fun?
First of all, a player reaching hero level 6 will suddenly have a demi god ravaging the battlefield! Second thing is that the players, who would usually instantly lose, will still have a chance to adapt to you and pull off their win.

This gives us more weeks of playtesting and we definitely want to include this victory condition in base game. It is fun to choose a different playstyle and to be able to win while you are behind on other fronts.
Jasen Lakic
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