After 4 years of development, we bring you Multiverse War

A fully modular 3.5X game set in a medieval fantasy world of powerful heroes and strange creatures. It has an innovative blend of 4X, area control, RPG (or MOBA-like) heroes, tactical (dice+cards) combat with a lot of bluffing and hidden information.

Multiverse War is coming to Kickstarter! Get updates, giveaways, exclusive new miniature reveals, first looks at game play, and more!

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8 reasons to support us:

  • Multiverse War is already a big game, but it is a part of an even bigger game system.
  • All stretch goals will bring real value and further improve the gaming experience.
  • We will make sure every cent is well spent.
  • We will continually give back to the community.
  • Weekly giveaways for kickstarter.
  • We will support year-round tournaments and organise play events with rewards in local clubs. 
  • We will do yearly contests for all fan created content.
  • We will keep improving the game and bring new content.




4 empires - each has unique units, giving you an advantage if you find a way to exploit it.

Play as one of the Viceroys, chosen by his Emperor to lead the first expedition to the lands beyond the Stone Portal.

Are you ready to enter the portal? Prove to the Emperor, may he live forever, you are worthy of his trust. 

20 different units: some are unique to a faction, some to a hero or can be found only in an adventure.

You will not use them all in one game. 

Each game offers meaningful choices, enabling different builds,  strategies.



 Customisable heroes - each with a different role, played in many ways.

Gain experience in battles and adventures, grow in power, overwhelm your opponents. 

In this photo:

Sharpshooter (high damage from distance but lower chance to hit and only 1 defensive ability).

Sorceress (enemy impairing effects and ally troop mobility, does decent damage from far).

Protector (very high combat endurance with a lot of defensive abilities).

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Heroes and units gain experience in various ways. As they advance on their experience tracks, they gain different abilities and scale in power.

Designer's note: Even though we need gold to recruit units or build anything, I believe experience is a more important resource in midgame already...and later a powerful hero can make or break the game!

Terrain affects everything: movement, visibility, unit strength and weakness.

Making the game map highly customisable and random is just one of the ways we used to make every game unique.





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