Multiverse War, a long term project:

As the first edition is reaching it’s completion, we are already working on possible new, completely asymmetric, factions and different, exciting worlds. Will it be a world of magic, brute force, humans, machines or something else entirely?
Even we don’t know yet and we might ask our community for an inspiration;).

We are creating a tournament system and different game modes, more suitable for tournament play. We will be supporting worldwide tournaments both in tabletop and digital versions.

We are creating a set of tools which will enable you guys to create any kind of additional content, which will be compatible with official versions of the game. Just don’t go too wild on us, don’t make the rest of us battle against the unbeatable armies of doom ;).
We will do our best to support the community custom content but the tournaments will be played only with officially accepted expansions/factions or new worlds.
(which doesn’t mean a community created content will not be accepted as “balanced expansion”)

Our goal is a creation of strong, friendly but competitive community and we will give our best to create a wonderful, balanced game with unlimited replayability!