About Multiverse War

   2-3 hours                 2-4 players                ages 14+   

Multiverse War is an area control/character progression/wargame where players recruit armies, explore the new lands and battle for better strategic positions to secure more space for development. The only way to advance through the eras is by killing enemy units or destroying buildings so players must do their best to outmaneuver their opponents and earn those valuable kills. You gain access to more powerful units and buildings by making kills with those units but do not underestimate Heroes. They are special units with increased Health, Action points and many unique and powerful abilities. Veteran heroes are formidable opponents, a strong hero can easily sway the odds in your favor!


Modular game board:
Each module is a “Territory” you can explore.
The terrain will determine your expansion and development strategy. Each unit has strength and weaknesses, apart from the rock/paper/scissors system unit’s strength is determined by the terrain. That ensures unlimited replayability.
Multiverse War is best play with 2 players or as a 2v2 team battle but some people might enjoy our free for all modes.








 Develop through the ages:
Here you can see the evolution of our mounted units. From fast and lightly armoured Horseman to heavily Armoured Knight and finally, our most powerful mounted unit, Dragoon.
Each military unit can be upgraded twice (without losing the ability to enrol units from the previous age).