Rock, paper, scissors, Spock: 
In Multiverse War attacker always hits first in combat UNLESS the attacker is attacking a unit trumping him. In that case the trumping unit hits first.

Siege weapons don’t trump any unit and they cannot retaliate from defence but they have increased range and do double damage to buildings/cities.








All info accessible all the time:
We created a deck of very informative cards and a useful quick reference sheet so you don’t have a need to consult the game rules.

Icons made by Freepik from








Heroes were one of the latest additions to our game but they fast became the essential part.
They come in 5 classes so far:

If you are familiar with MOBA games then you already have a pretty good idea how heroes will be played.
Heroes can be resurrected if they die but their cost increases very fast for each level gained. Be very careful because it can happen that you lose a high level hero and never have enough coins to resurrect him!

Each one has 1 of the 3 special abilities to choose as soon as you recruit him and 1 stronger ability unlocked at higher level. Some of the abilities are always active, others have to be activated and cost action points.
Each time a Hero levels up you choose where to attribute new point: Increasing his health, action points or maybe getting a new, powerful ability.

We will be revealing them as their illustrations are completed by our amazing artist .