Nynaeve was just a novice at start of the Portal War. Afraid of everything, even of her own power, she was developing very slowly but when the crucial moment came her true potential was finally revealed. She became one of the most powerful Sorceresses in known worlds. She is most effective in blasting enemies from afar or slowing them down with water magic.


When he arrived he chose a name John, as nobody could pronounce his name. They nicknamed him John the Savage, for he had no habits of civilized men.If one asked him though, he would talk of his amazing world, saying he came to a world of savagery and looked at men around him with astonishment and disgust.Ranged specialist, has lower health and reduced mobility but makes it up with control abilities and heavy hits from afar. Keep him protected and support him with your army at all times.


Nobody knows where he came from or what is his name, he never speaks nor takes his helm off, his comrades named him the Protector. Some believe he is Ilya Muromets, the last bogatyr, legendary protector coming from the eastern empire. Reduced mobility makes him an easy catch but very few are brave enough to chase him. Increased stamina and a combination of defensive and offensive abilities transform the Protector into adeadly opponent.