First tourneys will be held in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp, since we are Belgium based. But We will try to organize some in Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Vienna as well through our friends there.


Tournament games have a time limit of 2 hours and have 3 victory conditions:
1. Capture the enemy city
2. Be first to unlock three tier 3 military units
3. Have more victory points upon reaching 2 hours game time

Hall of Fame
Here will be our greatest warriors, winners of tournaments, their place in hall of fame depending on how many medals they earned and how many total wins they have from all tournaments.

Victory points can be gained by:

  • Have a building constructed at the end of the game:
  • Barracks: tier 1=2 VP, tier 2=4 VP, tier 3= 7 VP Guard Towers: tier 1=2 VP, tier 2=4 VP, tier 3= 6 VP
  • Academy: tier 1=3 VP, tier 2= 5 VP, tier 3= 8 VP Siege Workshop: tier 1=4 VP, tier 2=6 VP, tier 3= 9 VP
  • Destroying buildings grants you their construction VP multiplied by 2: Tier 2 Academy destruction = 10 VP
  • Each hero alive when game ends gives you his LVL multiplied by 4. Example: Hero level 3 is 3 * 4 = 12 victory points
    Each accomplished mission gives you its reward in VP.
  • Having the longest road (buildings count as road tiles in this count, not capital city)=15 victory points

Gold medal=5 points
Silver medal=3 points
Semifinalists=1 point (if you decide to play for the bronze medal=2points)

Each match won=1point

We will showcase the hall of fame on the back of the game box for all kickstarter units.